Our Services

From the moment you walk into our showroom and until you return back the car, every step is thoroughly taken care of, to provide you with a seamless experience.

Fleet Diversity

Alishka offers a wide array of options, from small to luxury cars , to SUV’s, to vans and electric cars, you would easily find and pick what you’re looking for

Flexible Rental Periods

Alishka offers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly options to suit your needs and meet your expectations

GPS Navigation

is offered upon rental of any car of your choice

Airport services

with chauffeur are provided upon request

Round-the-clock customer support

for any queries or emergencies


Alishka oers various comprehensive insurance packages so you can walk out with your

favorite car and with peace of mind

Online Bookings

are also ensured for easy reservations and vehicle selection

Ready to experience a different level of service?

Contact us today to set your requirement.